About Me

Maria Cecilia Conder is a beacon of wisdom, hard work, and professionalism and a prolific art collector, arts advocate, and retired CEO founder shining brightly in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. She has dedicated much of her life to the art and luxury jewelry sectors, showcasing her deep-rooted love for the arts and ultra-luxe aesthetics. Not stopping there, Maria continually demonstrates her generosity by actively participating in numerous charitable endeavors.

Career Path and Professional Achievements

Her passion for the arts and stoicism were the foundational cornerstone propelling her professional trajectory. Beginning her journey as a dancer and cultural ambassador with The Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company, she embodied the essence of a team player, fostering creative synergy within her team. Her fire, or tireless energy, never extinguished; instead, it shifted flames, leading her to become a top Cartier sales ambassador, demonstrating her hard-working nature and professional flair.

Her charisma, coupled with an exuberant passion, led her to establish her art consulting firm. As the CEO founder, she reached several remarkable milestones in her career, maintaining her focus, dedication, and commitment. These virtues awarded her notable distinctions, such as being named one of LinkedIn's Top 100 Influential Filipinos and Top 250 Rising Stars & Upcoming Influencers in 2023.

An Indomitable Passion for Art Collecting

Art collecting has been a passion for her, a flair she inherited from her parents. This hobby has been more than just a pastime for her; it is a source of inspiration, a testament to her wisdom in appreciating timeless beauty and masterful craftsmanship. The depth of her knowledge of art, coupled with her unwavering enthusiasm, is seen in her pursuit and her interactions with artists, fellow collectors, and professionals in the field.

Involvement in Charitable Activities

Aside from her intense passion for the arts, Maria Cecilia Conder is also known for her generous heart. As an active arts advocate since 2019, she has consistently channeled her resources into furthering the cause of arts advocacy. She is a Board Member-at-Large for Arts Advocates, The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Florida, a non-profit. It is one of the longest-active arts societies in Florida. She is an active member of other nonprofits like the all-women’s charity Impact100SRQ and is an Ambassador for the Sarasota Arts & Cultural Alliance. Her kindness does not end there – she extends her helping hand to various other charity initiatives, like Easter Seals of Sarasota in support of disabled children, Wounded Warriors, New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and Mount Sinai Hospital, signifying her immense generosity. She donated the art appraisals and evaluations of the forty-three pieces of the private art collection of the Sarasota condominium building where she and her husband, Richard Conder, reside. She was instrumental in having the Sarasota artists and their artworks in the collection, Sarasota county-certified with a recognition certificate. She is also active with Philippine nonprofits, such as the Philippine Women’s University, her high school alma mater.

Personal Life

Maria Cecilia’s personal life is as rich and fulfilling as her professional career. She is the grandchild of a Philippine national hero, General Paulino Santos, a Medal of Valor recipient awarded by the American Governor-General Frank Murphy. General Douglas MacArthur was a frequent house guest at her grandparents’ home and a great friend who is highlighted in General MacArthur’s personal diary. He was a friend and confidante of then-Colonel President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He is also referenced in President Eisenhower’s diary. She donated images of her grandfather and his works from the American Geographical Society to a Museum in General Santos City, GenSan, a metropolitan city in the Southern Philippines named in honor of the heroic legacy of her grandfather.

She shares her life journey with her husband, Richard Conder, with whom she celebrates her wedding anniversary every October 7th. They divide their time between Sarasota, Florida, and a second home in Sutton Place South, mid-town New York. Despite retiring from her professional journey, she continues investing her time and resources as an investor, specifically specializing in the stock class "Dividend Aristocrats.” She shares this passion with her husband, who is a retired private investor. Retirement for her does not signify an end but another beginning, a new chapter of exploration and enrichment, dancing towards the rhythm of life.

Maria Cecilia Conder's life and career reflect the virtues of hard work, wisdom, generosity, and professionalism. With unwavering dedication and deep passion, she has excelled in her career while maintaining a love for the arts and service to humanity. Her story is an inspiring journey of courage, conviction, and ceaseless passion.


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