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Maria Cecilia Conder's life and journey shimmer with brilliance, echoing the hallmarks of wisdom, commitment, and unrivaled dedication. Hailing from Sarasota, Florida, she etches her legacy in art collection, arts advocacy, and the luxury jewelry sector. Her philanthropic spirit sees her actively championing numerous charitable causes.

Her ardor for arts and unwavering tenacity were the linchpins of her professional ascent. Initially embracing her dancer and cultural ambassador role with The Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company, she epitomized teamwork and creative harmony. Her enthusiasm was inexhaustible, evolving from the world of dance to triumphantly becoming a Cartier sales ambassador.

The captivating aura she radiated, bolstered by a boundless zest, saw her founding her art consulting firm. As its head, she achieved numerous commendations, undeterred in her dedication and commitment. Such perseverance earned her laudable recognition, such as being celebrated among LinkedIn's Top 100 Influential Filipinos and the Top 250 Rising Stars & Upcoming Influencers in 2023.

Her art-collecting endeavors aren't mere hobbies. They are, instead, powerful reflections of her profound appreciation for ageless beauty and exemplary artistry. The richness of her art insight and her sustained enthusiasm reverberate through her engagements with artists, peers, and professionals alike.

Maria's generous spirit doesn't merely reside in the realm of arts. She's been a leading light in arts advocacy since 2019 and plays a pivotal role in various charitable organizations, from The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota to the Philippine Women’s University. Her generous nature extends further, evidenced by her contributions to establishments like Easter Seals of Sarasota and her active roles in nonprofits overseas.

On a personal note, she basks in the legacy of her grandfather, General Paulino Santos, a Philippine national hero. This lineage offers glimpses into historic friendships with figures like General Douglas MacArthur and then-Colonel President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Living a life intertwined with history, she graciously shares her journey with her spouse, Richard Conder. Although she's stepped back from her professional odyssey, her retirement paints a picture of new endeavors, pursuits, and endless learning.

In essence, Maria Cecilia Conder encapsulates a tale of tenacity, love for arts, and unparalleled service to humanity. Her life is a testament to courage, dedication, and an unyielding passion that continues to inspire.

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Maria Cecilia Conder
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